A little bit about me…

20th February 2018 would be a day that changed my life in unimaginable ways.

I was diagnosed with a 3.5cm acoustic neuroma, or vestibular schwannoma, a low grade brain tumour that affects just 1 in 100,000, that was causing brainstem compression and causing all sorts of problems. A few months later, I would also be diagnosed with sarcoidosis.

For a very brief moment the diagnosis came as a relief, as I was beginning to think I was going mad, and making up the symptoms that had been plaguing me for weeks. But as you can imagine, that relief was somewhat short-lived.

I was told it was the best of the worst. For me, it was the start of a life-changing journey.

Having scoured in the internet for anything positive about this condition, I discovered there was in fact very little. And so I made a promise to myself, that I would share my journey, and no matter how difficult it became, I would make my story a positive one that would provide a small glimmer of hope to others going through the same experience.

I will be sharing each step of my journey; my thoughts, my worries, my adventures, and some of the amazing people I have met along the way.

My life now is unrecognisable to how it was just a couple of years ago, and despite the ordeals that I continue to go through, I can honestly say that in many ways my life has changed for the better, with opportunities I could only ever have dreamed of.

Thanks sharing my journey…

I’m currently trying to get more writing projects off the ground, so if you enjoy what you’ve read so far, for just the cost of a coffee, you can support me here.

Published by Sara C

It's hugely important to raise more awareness of brain tumours and the implications they can have on patients' lives. I aim to help to create wider understanding of the effects brain surgery and a diagnosis can have on an individual and their families on a emotive level through my own experience.

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