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Just another day?

Lying in bed wide awake again!. Exactly 2 years ago I did the grand tour of northwest hospitals. The scary reality was that I had survived a life threatening brain haemorrhage caused by my tumour, but at that time I hadn’t realised just what a close call it was. To be honest, I have never experienced pain like it and back then couldn’t have cared less. I am forever grateful to the incredible NHS staff who fixed me.

For many of you, today is just another day. For me, it marks another anniversary and I don’t think that will ever change… It still scares me to think how very different things could have been. I now live with the knowledge that life can change in an instant. I’m ok with that though; I guess when you’ve had such a close call you look at life very differently.

An experience like that changes you, changes your perspective. You have a great appreciation and deep sense of gratitude for the most insignificant things. You realise what really matters and what doesn’t. It has made me determined to make every single day count.

Although I’ve been left with various physical and mental challenges, with the support of my family I know this won’t get the better of me.

Recovery from any brain injury can at times feel like a neverending and at times a lonely journey, but I’ve always enjoyed a challenge and that’s exactly what this journey has become.

The last year especially has had a few low points, but there have also been some incredible highs. I look forward to seeing how much further I can go and just how much I’m capable of.

So please, live everyday like it’s your last. That something you’ve always wanted to do, go ahead and do it (or at least make plans to) because none of us know what lies ahead. Control of your life along with everything you cherish could be taken from you in an instant. 

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