When life gives you lemons… or a pandemic!

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to share my thoughts in this blog. I was hoping to recount my experiences in order, but feel this is a good time to drop in a random post, which actually calls on a lot of my previous experiences. So I guess these coping mechanisms have becomeContinue reading “When life gives you lemons… or a pandemic!”

My new world

I’d spent many years working with children who had special educational needs. I’d spent years studying autism, deafness and deaf awareness, dyslexia, dyspraxia, sensory processing disorders… Nothing, however, could prepare me for the world I now found myself in. My tinnitus at times was debilitating. Yet I was profoundly deaf. In the safety of myContinue reading “My new world”

When you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way is up!

I ended up spending an additional night on HDU, and it would be a couple more days before my world had almost righted itself. My vision however, was still very double and focusing just felt weird. The light sabres in my head had quietened slightly, and I was just left with a more tolerable roaring,Continue reading “When you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way is up!”