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Autumn 2024

Beyond Recovery TBC

For quite some time I’ve had an idea…

17 days on the road, mostly alone, gave me lots of time to think about it! Getting back out doing what I love after surgery was something that, at times, felt totally unachievable.

I want to help others focus BEYOND RECOVERY to accomplish their goals too. I’d like to set a goal that those of you who have been on a similar journey to me can achieve.

I aim to head back to Toubkal, to retrace my steps, but this time I will be taking a group of brain tumour survivors with me.

10th-20thMay 2024

Langtang Valley, Nepal

A huge personal challenge in so many ways! I can’t wait to start this high altitude adventure, hopefully reaching my highest summit yet.

21st-23rd October 2023

Hadrian’s Wall

26th March 2023

Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG) continued!

As you all know, LEJOG part 1 went very wrong! Not one to be defeated on 26th March 2023, I will be heading back down to Highbridge as I have unfinished business!

5th September 2022

Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG)

In September 2022, I am running from Land’s End to John O’Groats (LEJOG) – the entire length of the country. Why? Because I want to prove to myself and others that it is still possible to achieve, in spite of the obstacles life throws our way. I also hope to fundraise for two charities that are very important to me.

The British Acoustic Neuroma Association (BANA), for which I am now an ambassador, offers support and information to Acoustic Neuroma patients and their families offering a lifeline at what can be an incredibly difficult time.

Also, The Skull Base Foundation, a collaboration between the Manchester Skull Base Unit and the Frances Barbara Thornley Trust. It aims to support development in the care of patients with skull base disease through education and through clinical and basic science research.

I will also use this event to raise awareness of acoustic neuromas/vestibular schwannomas and hidden disabilities. I really hope I can show others that with the right mindset, anything is possible.

You can help to support me in getting this project off the ground here.

23rd May 2021

The Spring Fling 2021 – CLIC Sargent

When a fellow brain tumour survivor asks you to join them on a challenge, well it would be rude not to! From 10,000ft we will be flinging ourselves out of a plane into the skies high above Lancaster to raise funds for this really great charity. Following my diagnosis, I feel compelled to support charities like this in their endeavours to support those on a similar journey to my own.

When cancer strikes young lives, CLIC Sargent helps limit the damage it causes beyond their health. TODAY, 12 more children and young people will hear the devastating news they have cancer. CLIC Sargent fights tirelessly for these young children and helps support their families too. If the worst happens, they work with bereaved families to help them cope with their emotional pain. CLIC Sargent fights tirelessly to stop cancer destroying young lives. They recognise everyone is different, so they work hard to help when each child and young person needs it most.

To find out more, or to make a donation, please click here.

12th/13th June 2021

Lake District Ultra Challenge

This should originally taken place in June 2020, but was cancelled due to Covid-19. This will be my longest ultra event, covering a total distance of 100km around the Lake District, with 2650 meters of ascent. Training with neuro fatigue is not easy, and so I have enlisted the help of Jon Fearne to come up with a training programme that helps to build stamina and endurance, whilst not leaving me wiped out in bed after each session. So far, so good! You can find out more about Jon and his approach to endurance and adventure sports coaching here.

If you would like to support fundraising for either, or both of these charities, you can do so by clicking here on either BANA or Brain Tumour Research. Thank you so much for your support.

26th November 2020

Online Author Event

Covid-19 may mean that in-person events have had to be cancelled, so we’re heading online instead… I’ll be sharing parts of my book Sickbed To Summits, the story behind it, my motivation and what I’ve learnt along the way. Staying in is the new going out, so to register for this FREE event complete the contact form below:

8th November 2020

Tatton Park Half Marathon

This will be my first post op half marathon… To say I’m a little nervous is an understatement! After a year of cancelled events, I felt like I needed something to aim for as we head into Autumn.

***Update*** This was cancelled, but I ran the distance anyway. Whilst there were no medals, there were a few new personal records made including a PR for 1km, 1 mile, 5km, 10km and half marathon.

1st October 2020

Sickbed to Summits Book Launch

I am pleased to be able to announce that my book, Sickbed To Summits, will be released in October. It is available in both e-book and paperback format.

Head over to the Books page, for details of how you can get a copy.

25th July 2020

Sandstone Trail Solo Challenge

Given the impact of Covid-19 on various sporting events, I have taken the plunge and devised this event, which will be my first ever ultra distance event.

I will be using this event and others this year to support The British Acoustic Neuroma Association (BANA) and Brain Tumour Research charities. I hope to highlight the vital work they do and raise funds to help them continue their work.

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