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Fear and overcoming it.

Those of you who have read Sickbed To Summits will know I have been fortunate to have made some very good friends serving in the US Navy. They are SEAL trained special operators and a font of knowledge when it comes to anything endurance related. Some time ago, we were chatting about various challenges IContinue reading “Fear and overcoming it.”

Sickbed To Summits

A short time after my diagnosis, in some crazy attempt to make sense of my feelings and emotions, that at the time were all over the place, I began to write a diary. I thought I might be able to look back at it in the future and make some sense of what was happeningContinue reading “Sickbed To Summits”

The challenge of 2020

8 a.m.  Saturday 25th July, 2020.  A warm, cloudy, humid morning with a forecast of mixed sunshine and showers.  I was feeling happy.  I was feeling confident.  I was about to start running the entire length of the Sandstone Trail, 55 kilometres in length, 1,268 metres of ascent; an undulating path following sandstone ridges, madeContinue reading “The challenge of 2020”

Let’s get physical!

During the time we have been in lockdown due to Covid-19, it has been fantastic to see so many people out and about, walking, running, or cycling, on their own or with family members. It seems the general population have realised the benefits of time spent being active in the great outdoors. I really hopeContinue reading “Let’s get physical!”


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