They tried to make me go to rehab…

It’s now 6 weeks since things started to go very wrong during my challenge, and this time has been a challenge all of its own! I returned home, in tears, on Friday 9th September, just 5 days into my run from Land’s End to John O’Groats and world record attempt. I was so disappointed thatContinue reading “They tried to make me go to rehab…”

Wake up and smell the… routine

Get upGet washedGet dressedMake my bedTake boys to workTrainEat… That’s more or less it. My daily routine. I think I underestimated just how important it is to have routine in my post brain tumour life and how much of an impact unexpected changes can have. I have struggled this week. I have been working mornings.Continue reading “Wake up and smell the… routine”

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation… It’s not always that easy to find is it? I’m currently looking out of the window at a beautiful sky, icy pavements and going through every reason not to run. I mean, Bambi on ice is not a great look and totally unavoidable when my physical balance is as great as my bankContinue reading “Monday Motivation”

Making plans!

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog, so thought I’d best catch up with you all! The last 18 months has been quite a challenge, with all things pandemic. My photography business has suffered as a result of lockdowns and clients cancelling at the last minute due to illness, self-isolation etc., andContinue reading “Making plans!”

Power tools with a difference!

Yesterday, I was reminded of the power of positive self-talk after seeing a post on my Facebook memories. It was a post about me getting over to Morocco for a multi-day hike. Nothing too spectacular about that you might think, except that when I posted it I was just under a month away from majorContinue reading “Power tools with a difference!”

Find someone to help you paddle…

At 44 years old and 12 months out from a brain haemorrhage and subsequent surgery to remove a tumour, I thought I had my return to fitness all figured out. So, I decided to enter an ultra marathon and coach myself! I’ll spare you the details but long story short, with half of my balanceContinue reading “Find someone to help you paddle…”

Staying Hill Fit: An outdoor-lover’s guide to surviving lockdown!

The great outdoors, as many of you know, has played a huge role in my health and wellbeing, particularly over the last few years. Getting outdoors never fails to make me feel better. Just spending a few moments listening to birdsong and watching the world go by in peaceful, concrete-free surroundings has brought me farContinue reading “Staying Hill Fit: An outdoor-lover’s guide to surviving lockdown!”