Rest and Recovery

I do not consider myself to be a pro athlete by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, at an appointment with a rheumatologist a few days after I returned from my Toubkal adventure, I laughed out loud as she pointed out that a problem I had with the bursa in my knee was ‘commonContinue reading “Rest and Recovery”

Keto what?

Ketogenic is the term given to a low-carb diet. When we consider traditional dietary guidelines, for example the Eatwell Guide (below), we are advised that a third of our intake should be from carbohydrates: bread, potatoes, cereals, wheat, pasta, flour. Another third of our intake should consist of fruit and vegetables, and the final thirdContinue reading “Keto what?”

Helping ourselves through the winter months (Part 2)

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. This means that it is not actually stored within our bodies, so we must consume it daily.  This important vitamin plays a major role in: Helping to protect cells and keep them healthy Producing collagen, therefore maintaining healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage Supporting wound healing HelpingContinue reading “Helping ourselves through the winter months (Part 2)”

Helping ourselves through the winter months (Part 1)

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is made in our bodies when we are exposed to the sunlight. It plays a major role in: Bone health Immune system    Regulating insulin levels (assisting in the management of Type 2 Diabetes) Supporting lung function and the cardiovascular system What causes deficency? There are many causesContinue reading “Helping ourselves through the winter months (Part 1)”

Looking forward and the 2 Summits Challenge!

The last few years have taught me a lot about myself. There have been some dark times for sure, but I have learnt so much about myself too, and that has been a good thing. 2020 also gave me plenty of time to reflect and in the absence of being able to do much atContinue reading “Looking forward and the 2 Summits Challenge!”

Reflecting on 2020…

Yesterday, I started to write my review of 2020… needless to say it made grim reading. Having slept on it, this morning I took a few moments to think about the positives that have come out of the last 12 months, so I thought I’d share just some of those: January – Having had aContinue reading “Reflecting on 2020…”

How to keep going when you think you can’t!

“I can’t do this,” is a sentence most of us have said at some point in our lives. Whenever we find ourselves in a situation that seems overwhelming and impossible to overcome we can feel frustrated and can’t imagine a solution. We become stuck and don’t know how to move forward. Finding ourselves in situationsContinue reading “How to keep going when you think you can’t!”

Ability Not Disability.

3rd December 2020 is International Day of People With Disabilities. This year’s theme is ‘Not all Disabilities are Visible’ and focuses on spreading awareness and understanding of disabilities that are not immediately apparent, such as mental illness, chronic pain or fatigue, sight or hearing impairments, diabetes, brain injuries, neurological disorders, learning difficulties and cognitive dysfunctions,Continue reading “Ability Not Disability.”