Ability Not Disability.

3rd December 2020 is International Day of People With Disabilities. This year’s theme is ‘Not all Disabilities are Visible’ and focuses on spreading awareness and understanding of disabilities that are not immediately apparent, such as mental illness, chronic pain or fatigue, sight or hearing impairments, diabetes, brain injuries, neurological disorders, learning difficulties and cognitive dysfunctions,Continue reading “Ability Not Disability.”

The challenge of 2020

8 a.m.  Saturday 25th July, 2020.  A warm, cloudy, humid morning with a forecast of mixed sunshine and showers.  I was feeling happy.  I was feeling confident.  I was about to start running the entire length of the Sandstone Trail, 55 kilometres in length, 1,268 metres of ascent; an undulating path following sandstone ridges, madeContinue reading “The challenge of 2020”

When your being is not so well..,

It was around this time last year when my mental health was really beginning to take a downward turn. Having gone through the ordeal of a brain tumour diagnosis, haemorrhage and life-changing surgery, I had put much of what I had been feeling to the back of my mind in order to try and focusContinue reading “When your being is not so well..,”

When plans have to change…

It often appears that no goal is ever possible without meeting with a ton of obstacles and challenges along the way. I’ve read about many people who’ve had a dream, but whose plans were thrown into chaos. It seems to me that adopting a positive attitude toward failed plans is an important quality; successful peopleContinue reading “When plans have to change…”

When life gives you lemons… or a pandemic!

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to share my thoughts in this blog. I was hoping to recount my experiences in order, but feel this is a good time to drop in a random post, which actually calls on a lot of my previous experiences. So I guess these coping mechanisms have becomeContinue reading “When life gives you lemons… or a pandemic!”