Benign isn’t always fine (Pt 2)

My CT results came back at about 1am and the consultant came into our side room with a worrying sense of urgency. “You have a bleed in your brain, so we’re blue lighting you to Walton” she announced. I really don’t know what I was expecting her to say, but it certainly wasn’t that. IContinue reading “Benign isn’t always fine (Pt 2)”

Benign isn’t always fine (Pt 1)

My surgery had been planned for 12th May 2018, but in the early hours of one Saturday morning, about 3 weeks before my op, I was woken by the most horrendous headache. In the weeks since I had started my gentamycin injections, I had been feeling progressively worse with each day that passed. My restingContinue reading “Benign isn’t always fine (Pt 1)”

A jab in the ear??

Following consultations with Mr Rutherford and Prof Lloyd, we agreed that it would be beneficial for me to have intratympanic gentamycin injections. Now the human body is an amazing thing, and the world of medical science is just something else. An acoustic neuroma also comes with the benefit of you learning practically all there isContinue reading “A jab in the ear??”

The day my life changed forever

Originally written and posted 19th February 2019 After a somewhat rocky start to 2018, I remember sitting in the room with the senior consultant. The monitor was on, and I remember feeling sick as he said, “When we did your MRI this morning, we found this…”. You didn’t need to be a neurosurgeon to knowContinue reading “The day my life changed forever”

The year my life turned upside down

Originally written & published 27th December 2018 Well I’ve been awake since 3am, so I decided to get my musings written down. Hang tight, because this will probably be a long one! I knew from the day I was diagnosed that I would face struggle and hardship, but I also made a promise to myselfContinue reading “The year my life turned upside down”

A little bit about me…

20th February 2018 would be a day that changed my life in unimaginable ways. I was diagnosed with a 3.5cm acoustic neuroma, or vestibular schwannoma, a low grade brain tumour that affects just 1 in 100,000, that was causing brainstem compression and causing all sorts of problems. A few months later, I would also beContinue reading “A little bit about me…”